Registration of Foreign Companies – Best Process

The registration of foreign companies is compulsory, and the procedure is the same as for registration of domestic companies. The Companies House has prepared a procedure for its Swiss clients. The procedure involves registration of the company name, its registered office and location, its registered agent and partners, and the nature of business. The Companies House also accepts nomination of management members from the nominated company owners and issues its trademark. These are the formalities that are to be followed to register a foreign company in India.

In general, it is the responsibility of the company registration representative to conduct the necessary procedures to get the registration of the foreign company. The company representative is the one who will take care of the technical matters like submitting the articles of association to the Registration Office, sending the duly filled application forms to the authorized authorities, paying the prescribed administrative fees, and submitting the annual reports to the registrar. The company representative is also responsible for carrying out the secretarial duties under the act of Swiss Association. Thus the representative has to be skilled in English communication when communicating with the authorized personnel of the Registration Office and the Companies House.
The registration of foreign companies in India is incomplete without the submission of the Articles of Association. These articles of association include the nature of the business, the names and addresses of the directors and shareholders, the nature of the business and the objectives of the company. In addition to these details, there are other technical terms and definitions that are to be kept in mind by the foreign company’s registration representative, including the filing of the ‘Swiss register of companies’ and the preparation of the ‘Swiss register of companies’ for submission to the foreign authority.
The registration of foreign companies in India may be facilitated by the service of an accredited foreign agent. This service may be rendered either by a local or by an accredited and registered agent. The local agent is the one who can represent the company at the appropriate forum. Meanwhile, the registered agent is the person who is responsible for preparing the documents for submission to the foreign authority.
In general, the registered agent for the registration of a foreign company in India is not a resident of the country but is licensed to do so by the Swiss Federal Tribunal. He must follow the rules and regulations regarding registration of company and for other matters related to its registration. To get started, the registered agent must file a ‘Swiss register of companies’ and deliver the duly executed ‘Swiss register of corporations’ to the office of the Secretary of State. He must also forward copies of all papers to the company’s agent in the country of business.
Another important requirement for registration of a foreign company is its office location. A foreign company must have its registered office in India. The office must be accessible to the investors, its directors and its employees. It should be able to comply with the minimum standards of Swiss register of companies and must have an address that can be verified. All these requirements are necessary for the registration of foreign companies in India.