Choosing the Right Health and Safety Stickers

Health & Safety Stickers and Labels offer signage for many types of industries, all requiring attention to health & safety requirements. These products have been used for many years and provide businesses with a cost effective way to identify staff and areas of work that require extra consideration. Health and safety stickers and labels are either self adhesive or can be adhered down with adhesive tape easily and securely.

Adhesive labels are ideal for all areas where liquid is present or liquid spills occur, such as the cutting area or preparation areas in food preparation lines or washing up areas in cleaning areas etc. They provide easy to read labels and are durable, lasting several years.
Health & safety stickers and labels for all sectors, for example Health & Safety Signs – Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing, Medical, Food, Nutrition, Packaging, Education are all examples of sectors requiring safety signage. Health and safety stickers provide quick & easy reference, which can save valuable time & money by reducing mistakes. Health & safety signs are designed to be read from a distance and are made from quality materials to ensure longevity. They’re also made from materials that won’t fade or change colour with exposure to the sun, which ensures they’re still effective when new employees are hired and when seasonal changes occur at work. The Health & safety stickers for construction, engineering, manufacturing, medical, food, nutrition, packaging etc., all provide easy reference for potential and current workers and/or employers.
If there is one thing that all health and safety stickers must adhere to it is consistency. There are no two images of health & safety signage that are the same, so it’s important to purchase high quality, large and stand out warning labels for all workplaces, from factories to warehouses to construction sites. All hazard signs, including fire exit signs, must display the same critical information and be of the same size and colour.
When purchasing health & safety hazard signs it’s important to purchase in bulk to make sure you get the best selection and highest quality materials available, including double sided adhesive vinyl. Health & safety hazard signs need to be made from long lasting durable signs which will withstand the harsh conditions of a production environment. Signs such as these can help protect people from potentially harmful situations, such as slips and falls, which could result in serious injury or even death if left unattended.
Because health & safety signs need to be consistent and clear, it’s a good idea to purchase them from a reputable supplier who specialises in producing and printing safety and health signage. The supplier you purchase your health & safety signs from should have years of experience in the printing industry, as well as being able to provide references that can confirm their reputation. A supplier who has been in business for a number of years is more likely to produce signs of a high standard than one who has just started.
It’s also important to ensure that you buy your health & safety signs from a supplier who uses state-of-the-art equipment to print your stickers. Modern machines enable the printing process to be quick and efficient, which means that you are more likely to receive high quality health and safety signage than with a traditional sign printer. Stickers created using modern technology are far more resilient to fading and damage and are far more resistant to bending and warping, both of which can cause signs to fail. By choosing a high quality supplier you are ensuring that your safety and health signs will stand the test of time and will be effective for a longer period of time.