The Differences Between Advertising Agencies

What exactly is a Digital Agency? The phrase digital agency refers to firms that specialize in strategic planning, creative branding, search engine marketing, ecommerce strategy, digital media, and multimedia. Some firms also utilize the term digital agency to describe non- creatives marketing tactics like PR, website design, or research. Sometimes agencies are also referred to as Nashville digital agency because they often handle projects that span multiple genres, for example, advertising agencies may be considered a digital agency since they handle a wide range of client work. A digital agency, therefore, can be considered to be a combination of the two categories – agencies that handle advertising and agencies that handle multimedia.

An advertising agency, on the other hand, is specifically focused on campaigns with a more targeted audience, unlike digital agencies which, as the name suggests, handle any and all clients. As an example, say you are interested in reaching out to mothers, then you would search for digital agencies that handle advertising campaigns aimed at mothers. In Nashville, there are many agencies that are considered to be advertising agencies – including Babylon Ny and Creative Resources, two of the most popular and successful agencies in the country. But there are a number of differences between these two types of agencies.

While an advertising agency typically focuses on creating ad campaigns, a digital agency Nashville often handles projects that fall within the realm of direct response. For instance, it might be the advertising agency that creates a television commercial or video and calls upon moms from your community to respond via a website or telephone call. The resulting television commercial – or video – may be used in conjunction with a second advertisement or marketing effort or as part of an overall initiative. Direct response agencies also work closely with other ad agencies to create comprehensive marketing campaigns.

When it comes to marketing, however, the two Nashville agencies mentioned above are both very different from one another. Digital agencies typically focus on online marketing strategies and social media marketing strategies, while advertising agencies tend to put a great deal of focus on traditional marketing approaches. A Nashville agency might design a single website for a company or take a marketing campaign and market it across multiple platforms. Digital agencies are also very good at working to develop brand awareness through a variety of online, as well as offline, tools. On the other hand, advertising agencies put an increased emphasis on print and broadcast advertisements that can reach a targeted audience through various means – including radio, television, outdoor signage and even print ads in magazines.

What all this means for the client is that he has a wide range of agency options. It’s not uncommon to find agencies who handle both digital and traditional marketing initiatives. Of course, digital agencies tend to cost less than their traditional counterparts, but they also tend to require much less time on the job – and the client can focus his or her energies on what’s really important: generating new business. That’s why hiring a Nashville agency that works with a focus on marketing and placing the agency’s clients’ ads where they will do the most good is the best way to go.

Digital agencies in Nashville also tend to have lower overhead and a lower fixed budget – which allow them to pass on some savings to their clients. In addition, digital agencies in Nashville have access to some of the most talented advertising professionals in the country, which can help put a great deal of trust in their clients’ abilities. In addition, there are many Nashville agencies that offer packages designed to save money for clients, allowing them to pay a smaller lump sum for the agency’s services rather than hiring several different agencies and paying individual agencies a huge lump sum. By putting their attention on marketing and generating new business, Nashville advertising agencies put themselves in the best position to help their clients succeed.