Using the bulk image downloader

It is important that you get to know how to use the buik image downloader. It might not be easier to use the application. All you will need to do is to ensure that you add the web address to the program either through dropping and dragging it on the drop box, or through adding it to the main interface directly.
The program is known to start parsing the URL which is based on the selected configuration automatically. If everything works for your good, you will be able to see the image thumbnails appearing in the lower half of your screen, which is indicative of the images having to be found that can be downloaded.
On top, you will be able to find options for filtering which you will require to know about. The BID will be able to display images which are full sized via default, and then go ahead and download the ones which you are able to give command. It is normally the lower number of the images which is displayed in the toolbar of the filter. You can as well switch that to display all the other images which are found on the page or only the pictures that are embedded.
It denotes that, the smaller images, like the thumbnails or the icons, are normally listed by default. It is something that makes sense, as the users might not want those when downloading the images from the website.
You are free to select items individually for downloading or you can as well hit the button for download to be able to download all of them in succession which is rapid. The title of the page is utilized by the default to be the folder where the images are stored. It is possible to change the title before having to start the process if you so wish.